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This is a project to improve coverage and categorization of media on Wikimedia:Commons chronologically.

Key to this project are the subcategories and articles within Category:Spans of time.

This project is in the very preliminary stages. Discussion of proposals should go on the talk page.


If you are interested in participating, please add yourself to the list.

Suggested guidelines[edit]

The below seems not to be controversial. Further details are still under discussion on the talk page.


Years are numbered according to the Gregorian calendar. Individual years are to have categories (eg, Category:1911) for media from that year. Years also can have articles (eg, 1901), the purpose of which is yet to be decided.

Year categories[edit]

Year categories are in supercategories (eg, Category:1730s; Category:Years in the 18th century). Year categories have sub categories. People who were born or died in specific years should be put in birth or death subcategories (eg, Category:1911 births, Category:1911 deaths). A common sub-category is paintings by year (eg, Category:1911 paintings).

Less common sub-categories may be made where such can be useful for organizing multiple images within a year category, but need not be applied to other years if there are few or no similar images in those other years (eg, Category:1911 baseball cards, Category:New Orleans Mardi Gras 2005).