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Keweenaw Snow Scenes

"Where the Snow Seldom Stops"

The Keweenaw Peninsula is the snow capital of the Midwest. The 77-year average seasonal snowfall is 185 inches (over 15 feet). The record snowfall was 390 inches (over 32 feet) during the winter of 1978-79. The record for consecutive days of snowfall is 55. August is the only month during which measureable snow has never occurred. 60% of Keweenaw County's budget goes for snow removal. Where we are located on Lake Superior, the winds are very strong. During snow storms, snow blows almost horizontally far more often than it floats straight down.

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M26 Front1 Front2 Front3
M26: A state highway Our house: snow often adheres to the sides. Our driveway after a good snow. You can see Lake Superior just beyond the trees and the snow plow on the Toyota pickup. Our mailbox after a good snow
Yard1 Yard2 Yard3 Yard4
Our backyard: Where's the fence? The far corner after a snow sorm Indi digging for a mouse. Scooping the snow against the side of the house helps insulate it. Indi on a snow mound. To keep the yard accessible, trails are scooped, creating snow mounds.
Frozen1 Frozen2 Frozen3 Frozen4
Lake Superior outside our window begins to freeze. The lake freezes outward more and more. Strange snow cliffs form as the waves come in and freeze. Looking down the shoreline. Almost everywhere you see snow, there would be water in the summer.
Mohawk1 Mohawk2 Mohawk3 Mohawk4
U.S.41 through Mohawk. U.S.41 starts in Florida and goes through Atlanta, Chicago, and all the way to the tip of the Keweenaw Pensinsula. Carol's grandmother's house in Mohawk An open field in Laurium where the Road Commission dumps snow. I am on top with Ryan; Carol's sister, Janet, is standing below. A "Yooper Scooper." The volume of snow is beyond snow shovels. With a scooper, a large amount of snow can be pushed. In the background is a powerful snowblower. Many pickups have snow plows attached.
Laurium1 Laurium2 Ice Castle Ken
Janet's house (Carol's sister) in Laurium Work in progress: Carol's father breaks ice off the roof, while Janet and Gerry shovel off the garage roof. I am supervising. An ice sculpture built by students of Michigan Technological University, U.S.41, Houghton, MI Close up: Ken and Ryan
Close up: Carol, together with my father and my Aunt Lu and Uncle Vic

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