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Keweenaw Summer Scenes

The Keweenaw Peninsula is not always covered with snow. There is a local joke that the U.P. has two seasons: winter and the Fourth of July. However, this is not quite accurate. The warm season has been known to extend for several weeks, and the Fourth of July is not always warm. August is the only month during which measureable snow has never occurred, and twice since we have been here, the temperature on the Fourth of July was around 40 or 42. However, another joke insists that the Keweenaw does indeed have four seasons: early winter, winter, late winter, and next winter.

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Summer1 Summer2 Summer3 Summer4
Carol and I. The building in the foreground is my office. The second building is the main house. Lake Superior is just visible in the background. One of Carol's flower beds Ryan with a deer leg. He did not kill the deer; the leg floated ashore one day. Indi looking toward Lake Superior
Summer5 Summer6 Summer7 Summer8
Indi and Ryan Never can tell when a bear might pay us a visit. The fall colors in the Keweenaw are spectacular. However, the leaves do turn rather early! Sunrises over Lake Superior are very beautiful.
The view of Lake Superior outside our window. 1000-foot ore ships frequently pass by. Had we lived here then, we would have seen the Edmund Fitzgerald pass by on its fateful voyage November 10, 1975.

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